Be nude, cloth removed, be true, nothing to lose! Anonymous submissions of your naked pictures welcome.


Jane's Guide Review of My Naked Self

"I wasn't sure for the first few posts exactly what kind of site this was, but after I scrolled through a few more posts, I started to get a better idea. While some pictures (all nude) are taken by the blogger herself, others are sent in by her blog readers (some anonymously and some with names/URLs), and there is now a collection of nude photos, some candid some more professional...almost a post secret of nudity, if you will. I wish there was a little more writing/info to go with each, but I do "get" that the point is people contribute what they will, and I do really like the general concept of this site. All genders, orientations, sizes, etc, all come together to celebrate the beauty of the human body. - EssinEm"