Be nude, cloth removed, be true, nothing to lose! Anonymous submissions of your naked pictures welcome.


I'm Not a Spammer

...and this is not a porn site either :D

Since I started telling people to check out this blog, I've been receiving some questioning too; let me start by saying....

Other than to post my don't-want-parents-to-see-in-my-computer-photos online, the other purpose of this blog is for people to open up and put their naked self out there without having to worry that anyone will know that it's them. They can stay faceless and remain anonymous all they want, I just hope to provide a safe environment for people who doesn't mind sharing or just wants to play.


I don't even have Google Ad enabled!


Anonymous said...

You should keep doing this, it's a really good idea. Lots of people are probably going to say sarcastic things, but at the end of the day, this is a good idea. Although, it might not get many submissions at first, especially not from women.

Eric Shunn said...

Why not from women? After all, the person that started this blog is OBVIOUSLY a woman.

The female form is simply more interesting, more curves, more variety. Males tend to be more angular with fewer points of interest.

Which is more visually interesting a curve or a straight line?

Your probably right, but I hope not. I'm looking forward to seeing real women who are comfortable with their bodies.