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Black & Pink, Ribbons & Lace

"Black suspenders, black thong, pink ribbon.I love these ribbons because you can accessorise them with anything. They go great as a belt."

"The bluish tint makes the photo look somehow lonely and saddening as with the pose (the had gripping the top of the arm) being one of disterss and self confort (one spends too long studying the science of body language)I think the slight asymetry of the shot - fact that body is not in the middle - continues the idea of lonliness...Not intended to be a "sad" photo (as I only see the shots once they have been taken)."

By circle--of--fire


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. The ribbons are almost as satin and pretty as your body.

My Naked Self said...

Way too kool!

Eric Shunn said...

Excellent, "Black Tie" great for that formal night out!! Sweet pictures!!