Be nude, cloth removed, be true, nothing to lose! Anonymous submissions of your naked pictures welcome.


My X-Rayed Self

"My poor spine is pretty fucking crooked. After all these years of working in front of the computers with bad postures, it shows here and hurts there!

Didn't take my belly button ring off during the x-ray shoot and apparently it's the only thing there to identify me.

PS: This isn't really a naked picture...but I had to be naked while being x-rayed so here we go :P"


My Naked Self said...


Eric Shunn said...

Damn, that's pretty damn naked, even took your skin off!

I also spend a ton of time here at several PCs doing Ad work and promotional video etc. Unfortunately, posture is never a primary concern until it becomes a problem.

I tend to cross my legs and slouch down when doing pixel by pixel edits. I guess it's an occupational hazard of the work, as is eye strain and carpal tunnel.

I love the x-ray. There are some pictures that kind of make you wonder what the person looks like without clothes on....This is the first one to make me wonder what someone looks like with their skin on !